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All workshops will be held concurrently on Sunday 24th October 2021 from 1:30pm – 3:00pm EST on Zoom. 

Below we have some videos of the now completed workshops. Check back here to see when the link to your workshop’s recording is ready. 




1. Abundant faith through grace

Deepening our faith through the power of the Holy Spirit. Come experience the overflow of God’s grace.


2. Operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit

In this workshop we would like persons to experience the fire of the Holy Spirit. There will be a teaching on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Then activation of the gifts.


3. Youth: Which current is pulling you?

This is an interactive session catering for young people who have burning questions on contemporary issues.

How do I respond as a young Catholic Christian to questions concerning abortion, gender issues, carnival and partying?


4. Receiving Inner Healing

This deals with inner healing. In this workshop we invite participants to receive healing from lies they have believed about themselves that hinder their growth in the spirit. They must come to a place of freedom and acceptance of love from God the Father


5. Receiving Physical Healing

This workshop is on Physical Healing. In this workshop participants’ faith will be built up to receive the physical healing the Lord has in store for them.


6. Adult: Which Current is pulling you?

In this workshop we will lead participants in examining what current is leading/influencing their lives. Is it grace? Or is it other currents money, occult, social media, friends, etc. We would like to give persons the tools to enter fully into the current of grace.


7. Diving for souls, going deeper

This workshop is about giving participants the tools for evangelization and fueling the passion for actively winning souls for Christ.


8. Keeping buoyant by applying the Word of God

In this workshop participants will understand the power of the Word and how to apply it to personal situations, rising above challenges


9. Kids in the Current (8-11yrs)

We invite our children to experience the increasing richness of God’s Grace for them.


10. Praise and Worship in the Current

Learning the dynamics of Praise and Worship to effectively go deeper in our prayer lives and riding the Current of Grace to a new level of Praise and Worship.

Below is the link to the video of the the now completed workshop. 

Passcode: .#fk3c3b