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· About STT16·

This year’s Conference theme, Current of Grace, is based on the description attributed to Pope Francis’ and Cardinal Leo Suenens’ description of the Charismatic Renewal and the work of the Holy Spirit on the 50th Anniversary of Catholic Charismatic Renewal, as a Current of Grace in these times. 

Sound the Trumpet 16, Current of Grace, therefore invites us to become docile servants of the Holy Spirit for the New Evangelisation, to spread the Culture of Pentecost to all nations.

STT16 Conference Prayer

Almighty God and Father we praise You and thank You for releasing Your Current of Grace in the Church to renew the face of the earth in these last days.  You are the very source and substance of our lives.  We are truly sorry for the times we were obstacles in that Current through indifference, slothfulness, iniquity and the sins of our lives.  For this we ask Your forgiveness and pardon.  We renew now, our desire and passion to allow this living current which flows from the wounds of Jesus and the grace and fire of the Holy Spirit to flow in us and through us.

We join the apostles and saints in fervent prayer and supplication for the flourishing of the New Evangelization and the full manifestation of Your Kingdom among us.  As the Current of Grace flows, may You leave a trail of salvation, healing and deliverance, that joyful praise may break forth from a people alive, in full, active and conscious participation in the mission of Jesus Your Son. Amen

Blessed Virgin Mary, Star of the New Evangelisation, pray for us.

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